E-Learning is a teaching form on the basis of technology and mobile devices such as computers, mobile phones through the Internet connection. An online course includes a system of different lectures related to topics given by lecturers. Each online lecture is presented in the form of a video uploaded to official Internet channels or websites such as Joshinonline.vn.

WEBSITE Joshinonline.vn


Customers who desire to train their personnel but have not yet arranged the time for direct training can buy online courses at reasonable prices for their employees. Individuals can also buy online courses from the website Joshinonline.vn to study knowledge and skills that they lack.


Courses are provided by lecturers after studying trainees’ needs

Courses are provided by lecturers after studying trainees’ needs

Trainees learn, practice and interact with
lecturers on the Website.

Lecturers support trainees throughout the
application process after each training course.


JOSHIN has built a separate website for learners who want to register for Online courses.

Visiting Joshinonline.vn for as follows:

  • Theoretical Learning: Access to rich and diverse materials of Joshin’s experienced teachers.
  • Asking and answering: Learners have many chances to exchange ideas and give questions to lecturers via email or online forum.
  • Doing practical exercises: Each course will have practical exercises given by the teachers, helping you to grasp knowledge and apply them well in practice.
  • Monitoring learning results: Learners are likely to update work efficiency after the courses, exchange, and contribute ideas to help teachers improve their lectures in the courses.
Access joshinonline.vn

The available JOSHIN’s Online courses including

The secret

for successful work

Effective planning

and work management with PDCA

The secret

for effective communication in your workplace

Through the contents of the Online course, if you need an Offline training to deeply understand your knowledge and apply it to your business well. Please contact Joshin for advice and the best solutions.

Thank you and see you again in Joshin’s training courses!