Learn and practice 5S

Ranging from offices, warehouses to construction sites, and industrial or agricultural factories, it is necessary to arrange, classify, and clean places that there is operation.

  • The messy and unhygienic working environment forms negative habits that no one cares and they only manage if there are inspection teams.
  • The more organized employees are, the better and more stable products If companies want to survive under the current situation, this must be done.

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Hinh khoa hoc


Name of the course: Learn and practice 5S
Object: Employees, workers, and interns
Training time: 2 – 3 days (designed as customer’s requirements)
Language: Vietnamese
Lecturers: Vietnamese
Forms of training: Inhouse or Public workshop
Training methods: Lecture presentation, discussion, and practice are organized in the classroom


  • Understand the purposes and meaning of 5S for the basis of improvement activities.
  • Apply from 1S to 5S in daily work to create a more succinct workplace.
  • Build the 5S operating system throughout your organization


Overview of 5S

  • What is 5S? Overview of 1S ~ 4S
  • Meaning of 5S with PQCDMSE
  • Meaning of 5S with 4S
  • Practice 1: Identify 5S troubles at your workplace

1S = Sort: Steps, purposes, and tools for the 1S implementation

  • What is 1S? Why do we need 1S?
  • Steps, goals, and tools for the 1S implementation
  • Implement 1S with red, yellow, and green cards
  • Practice 2: Practice 1S with the 5S problems identified in Practice 1

2S = Set in order: Steps, purpose, and tools for the 2S implementation

  • What is 2S? Why do we need 2S?
  • Steps, goals, and tools for the 2S implementation
  • Group with 5W2H and FIFO
  • Flow analysis
  • Sort based on the 3-True rule
  • Give names and addresses and put everything in their right place
  • Practice 3: Practice 2S for what was sorted in Practice 2

3S = Shine: Steps, goals, and tools for the 3S implementation

  • What is 3S? Why do we need 3S?
  • Steps, goals, and tools for the 3S implementation
  • Assign tasks, 3S schedule, and check sheets
  • Analyze and clean from sources
  • 3S slogans and rules
  • Practice 4: Assign responsibilities and schedule 3S

4S = Care = Standardize: Steps, goals, and tools for the 4S implementation

  • What is 4S? Why do we need 4S?
  • Standardized methods
  • Visual management methods
  • Practice 5: Identify standardized scores and visual management methods

5S = Sustain: Steps, goals, and tools for the 5S implementation

  • What is 5S? Why do we need 5S?
  • Building a 5S system, including structure, roles of responsibilities, strategies, mottos, processes, standards, culture, people, and skills
  • Practice 6: Practice in building 5S systems

Course review, action plan, and certification



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