Skills of 5S audit and improvement

The 5S implementation can only achieve good results with the participation of all employees in the organization. Once done, however, there must be a performance evaluation. Thus, what a manager needs to do a 5S audit is:

  • Know how to formulate and manage 5S audit programs and plans.
  • Develop 5S audit skills (observation, recording, communication, data processing, reporting, monitoring, etc)
  • Practice assessing 5S in the field
  • Review the effectiveness and efficiency of 5S
  • Identify improvement opportunities through a 5S audit

The course “Skills of 5S audit and improvement” helps maintain and continually improve production efficiency in the process of implementing 5S at the business.

Hinh khoa hoc


Name of the course: Skills of 5S audit and improvement
Object: Line leader, supervisor, team leader, sub leader
Training time: 2 – 3 days (designed as customer’s requirements)
Language: Vietnamese
Lecturers: Vietnamese
Forms of training: Inhouse or Public workshop
Training methods: Lecture presentation, discussion, and practice are organized in the classroom


  • Clearly understand the meaningful purpose of 5S for improvement activities
  • Maintain daily and periodic 5S reviews to ensure implementation of improvement activities to improve productivity and quality.
  • Review the effectiveness and efficiency of 5S activities
  • Evaluate the positive aspects of 5S implementation
  • Promptly encourage individuals and organizations to complete the work well and replicate initiatives
  • Detect limited areas in performance for appropriate improvements.


Overview of 5S internal audit

  • What is a 5S internal audit
  • Purpose and meaning of 5S internal audit
  • Roles and responsibilities of 5S internal audit
  • Objectives and plans of 5S internal audit
  • Practice: Build 5S audit structure, assigni roles and responsibilities

Develop organizational structure, assign 5S audit tasks

  • Develop the organizational structure of 5S internal audit, roles and responsibilities
  • Develop goals and plans for the 5S internal audit
  • Practice: Develop an audit goal and implementation plan

Develop criteria and standards for 5S internal audits

  • Plan and prepare for the 5S internal audit
  • Develop criteria and standards for 5S internal audits
  • Method of communication of the auditors with employees at the auditing place
  • Identify the points that need improvement at work
  • Practice: Develop criteria and standards for 5S internal audits
  • Practice: Identify the points that need improvement at work

Carry out 5S audit at work

  • Discuss and divide the class into 4 groups
  • Assign audit areas to groups
  • Discuss the 5S audit method
  • Trainers guide 5S audit methods in the field
  • 4 groups perform 5S audit at assigned workplace
  • Summarize the results of 5S audit at work
  • Identify improvement activities and plan for improvement and follow-up audit plan
  • Practice: Audit 5S at a real working environment
  • Practice: Make a report on audit results

Report on 5S audit results

  • 4 groups make presentations to report on 5S audit results
  • Other groups and trainers comment
  • Performe the standardization of 5S audit items to apply for the next auditing period
  • Practice to report results
  • Standardize the 5S audit process

Course review, action plan and certification


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