Improve leadership capacity for Director, Head of Department

 Improve leadership capacity for Director, Head of Department

Managing all issues in the department, the position of manager plays a very important role for the executive board of the company. So what work do their main duties include?

Many people who are head of a department or who have just moved to the position of manager are still confused with the new job, which makes the work less efficient. JOSHIN has synthesized the most important roles, responsibilities and duties of the department head that each manager must perform, equipped with skills and knowledge so that the head of the department can improve himself or herself more, bring higher work efficiency.

Of course, each specific position of manager will have its own requirements depending on the characteristics or requirements of the job, then the recruiting business will hone and train him or her with industry-specific skills..

Hinh khoa hoc


Name of the course: Improve leadership capacity for Director, Head of Department
Object: Director, Head of Department
Training time: 2 – 3 days (designed as customer’s requirements)
Language: Vietnamese
Lecturers: Vietnamese
Forms of training: Inhouse or Public workshop
Training methods: Lecture presentation, discussion, and practice are organized in the classroom


  • Clearly understand roles and responsibilities of the manager.
  • Well implement the middle and annual plan
  • Build comprehensive capacity development of the organization
  • Build an ideal working environment.


Overview of Leadership

  • Company expectations of directors, department heads
  • Management role and leadership role
  • Role in company motto planning
  • The basic skills of the manager: V.S.O.P Model, DISC Theory
  • Manager’s working style
  • Discussion: Distinguish management and leadership roles
  • DISC personality test

Contribution to the company.

  • The role of planning and implementing company motto and policy
  • 4 points to note in the process of implementing the company motto and policy
  • Practice: Implement the motto and policy

Build a better working environment

  • Maslow’s 5-step theory of needs
  • Share values and create workplace culture
  • Promote group activities
  • Practice: Build a better working environment

Make a better contribution to the company business

  • Work based on the customer’s point of view
  • The level of expectations of customers: Need-want-seed
  • 3 working steps based on customer’s point of view
  • Understand the company motto
  • Identify critical general issues
  • Define the motto by DST (Draw-See-Think)
  • Practice: Identify the Need-want-seed through understanding the company motto and policies

Create better results on the role of director, department head

  • Role in motto planning
  • Story chart: 1 page summary of the strategy outline
  • Method of action planning
  • Define control point and make a plan of action

Course review, action plan and certification


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