Production management and Supervision capacity improvement

Production management is one of the important jobs and has a direct impact on the development of the business. Currently, over 90% of production leaders in enterprises have not been properly trained management skills, because the majority of them are promoted from worker positions.

  • How does production management make sure efficient operation?
  • Which skills and requirements do production managers need so that the operation is scientific and in accordance with standards?
  • Production managers need to know the points of daily work management, PDCA, CAP-Do, to keep up with the work progress of yourself or your whole team.

The course Improving production management and supervision will supplement the missing skills and enhance existing ones so that the role of a team leader, supervisor, and line leader is completed the best.

Hinh khoa hoc


Name of the course: Production management and Supervision capacity improvement
Object: The positions in charge of production such as line leaders, supervisors, group leaders, team leaders, etc.
Training time: 2 – 3 days (designed as customer’s requirements)
Language: Vietnamese
Lecturers: Vietnamese
Forms of training: Inhouse or Public workshop
Training methods: Lecture presentation, discussion, and practice are organized in the classroom


  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of line leaders, supervisors, and team leaders.
  • Good practice in 12 daily management tasks.
  • Know how to plan, prepare, and rotate the PDCA cycle to reach your daily goals.
  • Strengthen communication and effectively operate teams.


1.Company expectations on line leaders, supervisors, group leaders, and team leaders (referred to as Team Leaders)

  • What is a company? And what are its purposes and meaning?
  • PQCDMSE basic management factors
  • 4M basic management factors
  • Practice 1: Determine your company’s expectations on Team Leaders

2. Roles and responsibilities of Team Leaders

  • What are roles and responsibilities?
  • Five roles of Team Leaders, including maintaining daily management goals, solving problems, implementing company policies, training inferiors, and self-growing
  • Practice 2: Determine the roles and responsibilities of Team Leaders

3. Daily management tasks of Team Leaders

  • 12 daily management tasks of Team Leaders
  • Details of daily management tasks:
  • Learning before working
  • Safety assurance
  • 5S management
  • Work progress and result management
  • Data management
  • Job standard management
  • Change management
  • Horenso for solving problems
  • Staff instruction
  • Work assignment and staff evaluation
  • Employee support and motivation
  • Employee conflict management
  • Practice 3: Evaluate current daily management tasks and determine actions needing improvement

4. PDCA and CAP-Do method

  • What is PDCA? And what are its purposes?
  • Purposes and targets of work (SMART)
  • Work implementation plans according to 5W-2H
  • What is CAP-Do? And what are its purposes?
  • PDCA and CAP-Do tables for controlling tasks
  • Practice 4: Practice PDCA and CAP-Do

5. Teamwork

  • What is Teamwork? Why need Teamwork?
  • What are the differences between teams and crowds?
  • What are the causes of Teamwork failure?
  • Build working teams based on the Tuckman model
  • Practice 5: Teamwork building game

6. Communication and Ho-Ren-So method

  • What are communication and Ho-Ren-So and its purposes?
  • Typical mistakes in communication and Ho-Ren-So
  • The effective Ho-Ren-So method
  • Practice 6: Practice Ho-Ren-So based on circumstances

7. Course review, action plan, and certification


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