Sales skills

Sales skills play a very important role in business operations. Sales skills are how you work, how to persuade customers to buy or use products or services that you provide.

Joshin’s “Sales Skills” course is for sales marketing staff who want to develop in the sales field but have not gone through professional sales skills training.

The course provides trainees with the concepts, tools, and steps needed to make a successful sale in today’s fiercely competitive business environment.

Hinh khoa hoc


Name of the course: Sales skills
Object: Employees, workers, and interns
Training time: 2 – 3 days (designed as customer’s requirements)
Language: Vietnamese
Lecturers: Vietnamese
Forms of training: Inhouse or Public workshop
Training methods: Lecture presentation, discussion, and practice are organized in the classroom


  • Understanding the sales concept, the role and responsibility of the seller
  • Answering the question: “Why do we need to have sales skills?”
  • Understanding the professional sales process
  • Learning and practicing basic sales skills
  • Knowing the secrets of successful sales


1. Course overview

  • What is sales?
  • Seller’s roles and responsibilities
  • Challenges of sales profession

2. Right mindset in selling

  • Principles of sales
  • Negotiation process in sales
  • Outreach and openness

3. Customer needs

  • Analyzing the needs of customers
  • Meeting the needs of customers
  • Testing response and ending the sale

4. Understanding the character of customers by DISC and choosing the right communication method

  • With customers with dominating style
  • With customers with influencing style
  • With customers with steady style
  • With customers with complying style

5. Listening skills and questioning skills in sales

  •  Active listening, compassionate listening
  •  Closed questions, open questions

6. Handling sales situations

  • When customers are angry
  • When customers are in doubt about the product
  • When customers do not understand the benefits of the product

7. Practice: handling difficult situations and customer complaints


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